We are invested in a forward-thinking and positive culture. Our mission is to provide our customers with predictable and repeatable results.

LEad is positioned to deliver a better experience to building owners, architects, and developers in Ontario, Canada. We are customer-focused and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your milestones for budget and schedule are met. 

Our motto is your project is our project, we care about our customers and their results.


  • ​Full-service engineer-of-record (detailed design, permit drawings, construction drawings, etc.)

  • Shop drawings (cold-formed steel walls, rafters, joists, and composite metal deck)

  • Feasibility studies, inspections, and assessments

  • Research and development

  • Third-party review

  • Design assist

  • Specialty engineering

  • Cost budgeting and estimation


  • Revit (BIM) consultation and implementation​ (we are certified Revit users!)

  • Drafting and modeling using BIM (Revit) or AutoCAD


  • New construction

  • Renovations and retrofits

  • Industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI)

  • Residential (private and multi-unit)

  • Mid-rise condominiums

  • Cold-formed Steel Speciality

  • Cladding wall systems​

  • Composite metal deck floor system

  • Wall, floor, and roof systems

  • Retaining wall

  • Foundations

  • Podium slabs

  • Research and development​

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We have extensive knowledge in cold-formed steel and composite metal deck design, being involved in a multitude of private residential, mid-rise residential and hospitality building projects up to 10-storeys for domestic and international projects. We are heavily involved in the research and development of cold-formed steel construction products for our customers, as such, we consider manufacturers our customers, where we providing them insights and consultation on manufacturing, procurement, and quality processes.

We are also advocates of pre-fabricated cold-formed steel construction and have extensive knowledge in the design, shop drawings, fabrication, logistics, and construction of building projects using this building system. 

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Brampton, Ontario, Canada​

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